Jenny Bach

Jenny Bach AKA  Jenny Bee was born and raised in Hawaii. Her passion for bees began when she first opened a bee hive at the age of 21.  From that first sting she was completely in love with the honeybees.  “It was as if the bees injected a magic potion into me! I began to have have re-occuring dreams which allowed me to understand them.”  The old saying: “Bees find their keepers” seemed like the only explanation that made sense of this overwhelming new passion.

She began collecting and rescuing hives from unwanted places, such as people homes.  This became her first business and created Bee Love Apiaries.

Jenny has a deep relationship with her bees and has devoted her life towards the preservation of their species.   This relationship helped inspire the Honeybee Education Program and the Honeybees for Farmers research project.

Together Jenny and Jio live on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island.  Bee Love Sanctuary is home to bees, dairy goats, horses, and dogs. They believe by ‘living close to the land’, planting trees and gardens, generating solar energy, and creating a healthy home for our animals is a step towards helping the bees.  ”Honeybees and people are symbiotic; they need us to live a peaceful and sustainable existence and we need them to bless us with their gifts of pollination.”

“I listen to the bees. Their messages continue to bless me with their wisdom and guide me on a beautiful path.”

Jio Rosenberg

“I was enticed into the world of honeybees the first day I met Jenny, she took me to visit her bees and I got stung on the top of the head. That opened me up to this sweet and wonderful world of bee love.

I moved from my home in South Africa to live in Hawaii in 2008, to care for the bees, be close to the land and embrace the gift of sustainability.  It is an ongoing journey of growth, learning and discovery.”

Jio spends most of his time on the Sanctuary.  He is committed to the trees, animals, and honeybees.

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