Bee Love Hawaii, a sustainable, holistic, beekeeping sanctuary

Hawaii Bee and Swarm Removal

Bee Love Hawaii, is a Big Island Hawaii bee company, with Jenny Bach and Jio Rosenberg. Both experienced beekeepers, they are dedicated to capturing swarms with a gentle, holistic bee removal approach. Learn More»

Honeybee Education Program

Hawaii Honeybee Education Program is a non-profit organization, offers Hawaii outreach presentations to schools of all ages as well as Apiary (bee farm) field trips. Learn More»

Holistic and Organic Beekeeping

Our site contains advice on holistic beekeeping practices that promotes the preservation of honeybees. We also offer opportunities for you to become a bee guardian, one that supports and protects the well-being of genetic diversity of honeybees by using natural organic approaches such as the top bar hive. Learn More»
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