Bee Love Apiaries practices Biodynamic and Natural Beekeeping Methods. We also a Promote Bee Guardianship in Hawai’i. By looking and studying wild honeybees we can learn from natures perfection. Our practices mimic the natural honeybee life cycle (listed below)and we avoid any mechanized  techniques.

By providing honeybees with natural (Top-Bar hives, Skeps) and  treating them with love and respect will allow them to thrive and adapt to a continually changing world.

Non production:  We keep bees because we love them, it’s that simple.  We do not rely on their honey or other products for profit  but enjoy their products and pollination only as gifts.

Natural comb:

Swarming/free mating:

Survivor stock/Genetic diversity: Allowing the bees to undergo natural processes such as swarming is encourages genetic diversity.

Natural food:

Our colonies are placed in areas where there is abundance of year round nectar. .  Honey is only harvested when there is a great abundance as we prefer to leave most of the honey to the bees.

Demeter standards: Biodynamic Beekeeping